Terms of service

This website provides information about our products and the ability to order such products. The acceptance of the order and the completion of a contract between you and us will take place only when you make full or partial payment at the time of payment, unless you cancel the order in accordance with our terms as indicated below, or we do not accept it or subsequently cancel the order in accordance with our terms below. For orders placed in our store, a sales contract is produced at the time of full or partial payment. In all cases, the assets will remain the property of Compañía de Cierres RRO S.A. until full payment is received. Payment must be made prior to delivery or collection. We reserve the right to take back any product we have delivered to you if any payment is pending, subsequently canceled, proven invalid, or otherwise withdrawn.


We reserve the right not to accept your order or cancel your order if any of the following situations apply:
1_We have not been able to process your payment, or a bank or service provider 2_ The merchant cancels the payment later.
3_The payment has been made fraudulently or by illegal means.
4_The products are not available in our stock.
5_The items are no longer available from the manufacturer.
6_We have made a mistake in the product price, shipping cost or product description.
7_ We do not ship to your address.

In the event that your payment has been received in part or in full for an order that is subsequently canceled, you will be fully reimbursed using the same method (and, when applicable, through MercadoPago or another alternative means of payment selected by the client previously).


We do our best to make sure you receive excellent delivery service. If something goes wrong we will try to rectify it. We do not offer compensation in case of errors such as missed, delayed or incorrect deliveries.
Delivery to your home can be made by courier or specialized delivery company depending on the type of merchandise by the delivery service you have chosen.

If you specify a third party mailbox address, we will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage after delivery is received (the point at which the courier delivers the package) as the package will be in the hands of another party . We will only provide a standard delivery record.

Delivery times are estimates and we do not offer compensation for delays. Even so, once you make the purchase, you will be sent an email with the tracking number so that you can stay informed daily of the status of your shipment and the day and time of arrival.

In order to offer you an excellent shopping experience, we make sure that the next moment you make the purchase, an advisor will contact you to provide you with the tracking number and assist you throughout the process.
With the tracking number you will have the possibility to know exactly the date and estimated time of the arrival of your purchase.